LipSense is Sweatproof

Do you like working out? Hiking or spending time on the water?  Trying to look good while doing it?  LipSense is the answer.  All other lipsticks will come off – they are not waterproof, smudgeproof or sweatproof.


Spring is coming – check out our spring colors!

Just a few more days until spring equinox!  Time to plant things in the garden, watch tulips emerge, listen to the bird song, see the grass come to life again – and so many more things.  For many, spring is the favorite season.  Check out these LipSense colors that are perfect for spring:

LipSense Spring Colors


LipSense Spring Corals

Do you work in (or own) a salon?

Are you a hairdresser, beautician, nail or lash technician?  Do you work in a salon, or even own the salon?  DreamLips has a number of salons on our team.  They stock LipSense and the rest of the product line, and they can demonstrate and discuss the product to their clients.  It’s a great additional revenue stream, and clients will leave even happier after having found out about a product they didn’t know previously.

What is LipSense?

It’s a long lasting, 4-18 hour lip color.  Water proof, kiss proof, smudge proof, lead free, wax free, gluten free, GMO free, cruelty free lip color made in the USA

Caramel Latte and Bougainville gloss

Caught Spring Fever so I cracked this baby open! I love how it made a Retro look when I added the Bougainville Gloss  Just a few more weeks till tulips and daffodils