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In Network Marketing/Direct Sales, the saying goes that you can be as successful as you want. The truth is that the team you surround yourself with makes a huge difference. Our team is growing quickly and has members all around the U.S. We’re even adding team members in England! We give you the support you need to get started and will help you grow your business quickly. We will provide you with the tools you need for success

Sales are Taking Off!
LipSense by Senegence has been around for almost 20 years, but sales just started to explode a couple of years ago. Compared with established companies like Mary Kay and Avon, we are in the very early stages. This is the time to get on board – join us as we grow into a major company in the next few years. This is a ground floor opportunity to join a rocket ship that just took off and is going to the moon!

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The compensation plan is among the best you will see (details here). On top of this, you can earn a company-paid car and free trips to great destinations. In addition to making a great income, everyone on our team agrees they have never had a more fun job.  Come join the fun!

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How our Team got started

Back in October 2016, a few of us heard about some new lipstick. None of us were really into lipstick, but Jill went to check it out. She came back and was amazed about LipSense. Andrea decided to try it and immediately jumped on the bandwagon. The rest is history as they say…. In a few short months, we have earned company-paid cars, free vacations and cold hard cash. But more important than that, we have built positive relationships with hundreds of women who are all doing something they really enjoy and feel passionate about. And the best part about it? When you introduce someone to the products for the first time, they are always amazed at how great they are.

Most of us are still in our day jobs, but we can see how that may change in the near future. Senegence has reached the stage of high growth but still has a lot of growth to do before getting to the size of some of its larger competitors. We want you to join us on this amazing journey. Are you coming with us?

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