Benefits of joining Senegence

SeneGence offers women an opportunity to become independent distributors of an amazing product line of unique and long-lasting cosmetics, which are 100% guaranteed. The products are so amazing that women are truly eager to buy them, and become long term loyal customers with some of them also becoming distributors – once you try the product, you realize that it will sell itself.




An early stage Network Marketing opportunity

Network Marketing is one of the few ways today in which individual entrepreneurs have the opportunity to benefit from the creativity and productivity of the entrepreneurial spirit, earning what you produce on your own.

SeneGence has created an opportunity that is as unique and as substantial as its products. It is a business opportunity through which you can build substantial residual income and a long-term future.  Many successful distributors have quit their “day jobs” and gone full time with Senegence.

Retail Sales

SeneGence products are unique, in huge demand, and highly consumable. Most customers that try the product come back for more.  Many become addicted and buy many different shades of the same product.  Once they learn how to blend the colors, they will start building their collection to support unlimited color choices.

A distributor typically sells product via in-home demonstrations or parties, privately-owned non-chain retail establishments, trade shows, and many more ways – your only limitation is your inventiveness.

As an Independent Distributor you can approach beauty salons, nail salons, and many more businesses which you can incorporate into your downline.

Great Income Potential

SeneGence offers a great compensation plan that rewards your efforts. You have unlimited earning potential with downlines built by you and the team you create. With a 70 percent payout through the first five levels and nice retail margins, it is one of the best commission plans in the industry.

Income Streams

As a Senegence Distributor, you earn money via three separate income streams: personal sales of product, commissions, and bonuses. The latter two are paid on orders placed by distributors in your downline organization, down to five levels below you.  Your income streams works as follows:

  1. Retail Profits – you buy the product at a discount – typically 50%, then sell it at the full retail price.  Your income is the difference between the retail price and your wholesale price.  You earn your income immediately upon each sale
  2. Downline Commissions – you earn commission on the order volume of your downline distributors.  The commission % differs by level (details here), and is paid out monthly
  3. Group Sales Volume Bonus – you earn bonuses based on the total order volume of your downline distributors.  The bonus is paid out monthly together with your commissions

How do you get started?

Starting a SeneGence business is a simple, low-cost way to go into business for yourself. An initial investment of only $55.00 sets you up as a distributor. You receive a Distributor Kit (which includes product testers, training materials, and supplies), and begin to purchase SeneGence products for resale at discounted rates.  Contact us to learn more, or sign up HERE!

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