Customer LipSense lip selfie

If you haven’t yet joined my Facebook Group Dream Lips (, please do so now.  Lots of comments and pictures from me and my customers.

These pictures are from one of my readers – pretty amazing, right!

Here’s a picture with the actual colors too, and not quite as much of a closeup:

Sheer Berry Selfie

Sheer Berry is a great color – here it is with Glossy Gloss.

Caramel Latte and Bougainville gloss

Caught Spring Fever so I cracked this baby open! I love how it made a Retro look when I added the Bougainville Gloss  Just a few more weeks till tulips and daffodils

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Burberry Red

Praline Rose and Sheer Berry make the perfect Burberry red 💋💄😍