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The founder of our company, Joni Rogers-Kante, worked with scientists and discovered naturally reoccurring resources in the Vanuatu string of islands in the South Pacific.  These resources have been proven to be beneficial to the skin.

The distinctive ingredients in SeneDerm SkinCare items, SenseCosmetics beauty items and the SeneDerm Solutions line result in dramatic improvements to the skin.

Polishing Exfoliator

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Dark Circle Under Eye Treatment

This stuff works! I have been using it for a week and my eyes are getting better. It works by eating up the tiny blood vessels that cause puffiness and sagging skin and at the same time takes care of those pesky dark circles 😉❤️ . The SeneComplex is a remarkable anti aging system and is in all of our products. It’s for men too! 😉

Did you know this about Senegence?

Here are just a few of my favorite facts about SeneGence:
📍Highly-concentrated formulas with no fillers mean a little product goes a long way (like the 3-in-1 Cleanser – $30 and will last you at least 5-6 months!).
📍Our proprietary formulas are backed by our 100% happiness guarantee and are scientifically proven to improve the function of your skin in eight weeks or less.
📍SeneGence all-day cosmetics and anti-aging skincare products are made from plant-based, natural ingredients and the best cosmetic technology on the market.
📍SeneGence puts their money into research, not marketing or celebrity endorsements. But there are PLENTY of celebrities who love our products – and say so – for free!
📍All products are made in the USA in cGMP-compliant, bacteria-free manufacturing facilities with absolutely NO animal testing.
📍Our products are vegan-friendly, gluten-free, great for sensitive skin and have no lead, wax, animal by-products or wasteful external packaging.
📍Unlike a lot of other cosmetic companies depleting rainforests to make their products, SeneGence only uses naturally-recurring ingredients (like the blue-green algae, orchid extract and volcanic ash found on Vanuatu – and we’re the ONLY company that has access to this island and these amazing ingredients).
📍Our plant-based ingredients give you a natural sun-protection factor (mechanical shield) without the use of chemicals!
📍For anyone looking for a career you’ll love, SeneGence offers THE BEST compensation plan in the industry…as well as the chance to meet and work with amazing women all over the world.
💕If you’re looking for products that actually work, want to improve your skin, or want a great career opportunity, I would love to share my passion for SeneGence with you! Call or text me anytime (402-968-2960)! And whether you become my customer or a new distributor on my DreamLips team, I will take excellent care of you!

Ingredient List

💋For anyone wondering💋
❓where LipSense gets its staying power?
❓what makes it better than all the others?
❓what the heck is in it?
Here is an ingredient list!
✔️Alcohol denat is a required ingredient in the US in all cosmetic products.

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These Products are Safe!

The founder of Senegence, Joni Rogers-Kante, had a vision of a company with products that really work and a career that really works long before finding the premier product. Once she discovered a long-lasting liquid lip color unlike anything she had seen before, she knew she needed to share it with the world.

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