Ingredient List

💋For anyone wondering💋
❓where LipSense gets its staying power?
❓what makes it better than all the others?
❓what the heck is in it?
Here is an ingredient list!
✔️Alcohol denat is a required ingredient in the US in all cosmetic products.

✔️The acry/octy copolymer is a common ingredient in cosmetics and sunscreen. ✔️Isostearyl alcohol helps stabilize the Lipcolor and prevent the oil and color from separating. It can be kind of drying though- which is why we encourage the use of our gloss with the Lipcolor!
✔️ cosmetic grade Silica is used because it helps the product adhere and stay on the skin. This is NOT the dangerous kind of silica- it is cosmetic which grade is totally safe
✔️PPG methyl glucose ether is a skin conditioning agent to help improve the condition of your lips.
✔️Perfume is just the fragrance. ✔️Hydroxypropylcellulose is a binding agent and helps the product last as long as it does (also completely safe)
✔️Butylene glycol helps to thin the color and provide conditioning to your lips.
✔️everything else is just plant extracts and coloring!

One of the reasons that I love LipSense is because of what it DOESN’T have in it:
⭐️ NO lead
⭐️ NO gluten
⭐️ hypoallergenic
⭐️ wax FREE (only contains synthetic beeswax in the gloss bc actual wax is bad for your lips)
⭐️ cruelty FREE; NO animal testing!
And it’s made right here in the USA!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸