Customer LipSense lip selfie

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These pictures are from one of my readers – pretty amazing, right!

Here’s a picture with the actual colors too, and not quite as much of a closeup:

Purple Reign LipSense

Got some Purple Reign coming in my next shipment. I will only have 5💄💄💄💄💄

I will let you know when they arrive .  Let me know if you want some.

I have become a Duchess!

At Senegence, titles are based on royal titles, and you are promoted based on your growth.  When I started out, I was just an Independent Distributor.  But as my team grew, I started earning promotions.  I have now been promoted to Duchess, my sixth promotion since November. I’m so excited to be growing in this momentous opportunity! If you do something you love you can move mountains!
I started with Senegence in Oct 2016 I have already earned a free car. Senegence offers great commission, enormous earnings potentialand free trips!

A bonus is that I’ve made so many new friends and have met so many inspiring women while running my own business.
As an artist I was worried this wasn’t for me, but I have learned that creativity is a bonus when it comes to working your own business. I have achieved more in this brief time than I had in my Interior design job, and I am enjoying this so much. A huge thank you to all of my customers for your support! You are the reason I love this gig <3 You’re beautiful <3

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Sheer Berry Selfie

Sheer Berry is a great color – here it is with Glossy Gloss.

I have out of stock LipSense colors!

Senegence, the company behind LipSense, is so successful that growth is astronomical.  Even though new factories have been added recently, the company is having a hard time keeping up with the exploding demand.  I anticipated this and made sure to stock up at every opportunity I had during the past six months.  Check with me to see what colors I have in stock – I have lots that most Senegence distributors do not have.

Spring colors are in!

Lilacs – who doesn’t love the smell of lilacs in the spring?  Same thing with LipSense – we have great lip colors. Get some new colors for spring!

LipSense on back order?

Senegence, the company behind LipSense and many other fantastic beauty products, is growing like crazy – hundreds of percent growth every year.  The growth rate is faster than most other companies in the universe.  This amazing growth means that the manufacturing capacity has a hard time keeping up.  Some colors are back ordered and may be hard to find.

I tend to keep a large supply of colors, and I often have out-of-stock colors in my inventory.  Check with me to see if I have a particular color.

Senegence is bringing new factories online at a rapid pace, so the back order problem is likely to go away soon.